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Food and meal times are a vital part to Nursery life and we strive to ensure that the children in our care receive nutritious and balanced meals on a daily basis. Children have their meals within their departments.

Our food is delivered to the nursery from Milverton House School 'Karen the Cook' prepares all the meals freshly every day. All meat is supplied from award wining local butcher Frank Parker. Special diets are catered for and a weaning program is set up between parents and staff for each baby.

We ensure that the children have a choice at meal times and are always welcome to come back for seconds if they are particularly hungry. The staff at the nursery monitor the meals that the children have selected to help to inform parents of their choices. During the mornings and afternoons the children will be able to access snacks and drinks. Fruit and Vegetables are always on offer to offer a balanced diet for the day.

The nutritional, varied and delicious menu is always displayed by the front door for parents to see what food the children are enjoying. Breakfasts will be provided for children arriving before 8:15am. Milk/water and snack are served mid-morning; Lunch between 11:45am and 12:45pm, and tea between 4:15pm and 4:45pm. At meal times children are encouraged to be independent and taught how to use knives and forks when ready.

We believe in healthy eating at Milverton Nursery   Meal times at the Milverton Nursery
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