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Our Children are divided up into different rooms according to their age and stage of development, this ensures each day is a fun packed adventure in the most appropriate nursery surroundings. For our babies we also have a seperate sleeping room to ensure that the all important sleep is achieved away from those that have a different schedule. On starting each child is allocated a 'key worker', their own 'special person' at nursery, who will work closely with parents to ensure that continuity, is provided in terms of sleep patterns, eating preferences and comfort items. The key worker will communicate regularly with you regarding what your child has been doing while at the nursery and also discuss his/her progress with you.

As all children are unique, moving up a nursery room happens when children are ready, with visits to the new room to familiarise them and to make new friends. We also set aside times of the day when different age groups play together, which whilst encouraging the younger ones to give more challenging things a go it teaches the older children to be considerate to younger ones. 

Milverton Nursery Class learning and playing Toddler room with Milverton Nursery key worker
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